Crystal Springs  Catering


Daily Meal Service

CSC offers breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Our team is experienced in providing flavorful good meals.  Our culinary team offers choices from burger bars, pasta bars, Taco bars to Indian delights, Mediterranean, Italian, African, and good old American favorites. We can create a variety of menus.  We especially like to have fun on special occasions and holidays. Give us a theme and we’ll run with it. Minimums apply. Please call for details.

Non-daily service

These menus we offer to daily clients can also be offered to clients who don’t need daily service. Get on our email list and see our menus weekly or monthly.  Or just call in and see what’s cooking.

Office Snack Service (micro kitchen management)

CSC offers fresh produce, grocery, grab-n-go meals, assorted beverages and assortment of snacks (healthy or just energy boosting).  We can provide inventory management, delivery and stocking in your specified areas.

Events / Holidays

Our team can put together events for the day, the week, whatever you need. We have executed conferences at various venues and help make sure the day goes as planned.  We’ve catered launches for 5,000 guests which included BBQs, Fruit Stands, Margaritas, Candy Stations, etc.  Again, you tell us your idea, we’ll get options. We’ll work with your venue, planners (if you have one) or we can provide the planning service.

We have a lot of fun with the holidays. Halloween has become a big day for us. Thanksgiving is even bigger.  But December is great. Our team love to help decorate and create moods for the holidays that just make you feel good.


  1. Daily corporate meal service – breakfast, lunch and dinner service available.
  2. Non daily corporate meal service – simple lunch in the training room, executive lunch in the boardroom or BBQ in your courtyard, we can do it. We can provide box lunches, buffet style service or sit down.  Ask about being on our email list to get weekly/monthly menus.
  3. Daily kitchen management – We can staff and create menus for your in-house kitchen/restaurant.
  4. Office snack service / micro kitchen management – Our vending team can coordinate inventory, purchases and stocking in your office. We provide fresh produce, grab-n-go items, assorted beverages and lots of snacks (healthy and just plain delicious).
  5. On-premise and off-premise catering services – casual or full service catering is available. We can coordinate the equipment, staff and itinerary for all your catering needs. Our staff can help you plan or work with your planner on your event. Whether it be an intimate dinner for execs at a private home or a huge launch party for a couple thousand, we have the experience. Our event specialists take your ideas and build on them to provide you an event to be proud of and guests will remember.
  6. Event / Holiday / Theme Parties – All year long there are events happening where creativity is the word. We love being creative, unique and enjoy bringing that extra WOW to these gatherings.